A Listing Appraisal is an appraisal ordered by the property owner to establish the correct market value of the home, which is used to assist in establishing a fair asking price. The use of this appraisal is restricted to listing purposes only and cannot be used for financing or as a closing appraisal. Chances are that the seller has already told you about their Listing Appraisal, so you're familiar with it. One benefit of using this service is to establish a fair price -- which probably attracted you to this property in the first place.



  Help - Our service does not stop at the Listing Appraisal -- it's full circle. To purchase this property you'll need a closing appraisal which must follow your lender's guidelines. Because some fo the work has already been done, we'll do the closing appraisal for a reduced price. By using us, you're insured that a dedicated, fully licensed and recognized professional will be at your service, one who's familiar with the property you want to buy.
  Save Money - Why pay full fee when you don't have to? By using us for your closing appraisal, you don't have to pay full fee. Why? Because some of the work has already been completed through the Listing Appraisal done on this property.
  Speedy Closing - We're usually fast, but since some of the work has already been done we're super fast. Though we must re-inspect the property, review the contract and search for new comparable sales, we can still finish your closing appraisal in 3 days or less. Fast, yes, but never at a sacrifice of quality or professionalism.
  Prevent Hassles - Bringing your purchase to closing can be a harrowing experience. Uncertainty, doubt, worry and delays are common experiences. Why put yourself through this if you don't have to? By using our company, you help prevent these problems and more. No surprises, no last minute delays, no worry!
  Protection - You've heard it said time and time again, if you're not going to watch out for yourself, who will? We will! Our professional commitment is to remain a neutral third party, seeking out the true value of the property. We will tell you the truth, always, regardless of its consequences. Know the true value and don't be fooled. Don't overpay, and know all the facts!
  Ordering a Closing Appraisal - Actually, you can't order the closing appraisal, your lender must do that. However, you can request our services. Check our client list and see if your lender is on it. If they are, then simply ask them to use us -- we've already been approved. If they're not, you can still use us and save money, just ask them to put us on their approved appraiser list. If you don't have a lender yet, we suggest working with one of our clients on the list -- they're trustworthy and dependable.