Real Estate Owned, REO is a term Lenders and Banks are familiar with when it comes to repossession and or the foreclosure process. Many Lenders and Banks have in house REO departments yet even-so there maybe areas where they want outside advice and or liquidation services.

Many banks differ qualifying borrowers based on among other things like credit score, past history, collateral, loan to value, etc. The Real Property Collateral is typically what secures the loan. This is where our services can be of extreme value.

We provide services such as Portfolio Real Estate equity asset reviews via field inspection analysis. That is we will complete a pre foreclosure or foreclosure appraisal valuation report. This lets the Lender know the limits and risk of their Real Estate collateral. We can provide 3 separate values based on absorption rate analysis both “as is” and “subject to”. This information is vital to the lenders so that they can quantify their portfolio value and risk accurately

We will also handle Sales for the REO property that the Bank or Lender does not want to handle in house. Sometimes these distressed properties are worth no more than the land value as if vacant. Many commercial properties are not flexibly designed meaning that the RE improvements are designed for the user only and this limits the resale ability or users of the subject property. Sometimes the individual pieces if sold separately are worth more than the whole. We will evaluate and give you the best option.

We can secure, evaluate and sale your distressed property since Gary Schinagel is not only an appraiser but also a Qualifying Broker with Financing Brokerage background. We can see through the eyes of a Lender.

Fees are typically 6%-10% + pass through costs for expenses to secure, repair and list/sale your property. If need be we can have an attorney/ representative bid at courthouse steps to secure your RE too. Let us take care of your distressed REO’s via Valuation and or Sales liquidation.

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