Gary Schinagel has been involved in Real Estate for over 25+ years starting in his hometown of El Paso Texas as a Realtor, including; Appraising company acquisitions, Property Management, and Construction Consultation both commercial and residential. He moved to Albuquerque New Mexico in 1995 and began Appraising residential properties in 1996 within the Albuquerque metro area. Gary has also owned 2 separate Mortgage Brokers businesses he started and worked from the ground up giving from training sessions for loan officers to understanding and reading the market projections - complete 1003 full doc application through closing.

This unique hands on experience in Mortgage, Real Estate, Construction, Property Management, Appraising and REO give us the knowledge to help secure your companies Real Estate Asset's from Appraising Valuation for Sales, refinancing or REO's. We understand the Valuation and REO process from not only an owners but Investors and Lenders point of view.

Gary Schinagel is president of Asset Real Estate Inc in Albuquerque where he is the qualifying Broker and Asset Real Estate SVS(services)Inc. With appraisal field offices in Albuquerque, Elephant Butte NM and El Paso Texas. We have got you covered.

"Even though I started as a Realtor my real focus even initially was as a Real Estate Investor where I would buy and sell my own Real Estate. I quickly found that I needed a more kicking bricks attitude of knowledge as an investor, which led me to property management and construction consulting. Once I moved to Albuquerque in 1995 I began taking formal Appraisal classes so that I could use those tools too. One thing led to another and I started specializing in not only sales and refinance appraising valuation but also distressed property valuation in areas no other appraisers would go. These REO and pre REO properties were commando type assignments. This led to vast travel and experience throughout the entire state of NM and El Paso TX".

"A"sset "R"eal "E"state "ARE" you ready?